What Is the Role of a Social Security Disability Attorney?
Icon  August 6, 2020

What Is the Role of a Social Security Disability Attorney?

If there’s a type of conflict in our society, you can almost guarantee that there’s an attorney who specializes in that particular area of law. Social Security disability attorneys in Park Hills, MO are one example—you might not give this area of law a second thought until something goes wrong with your Social Security disability payments or you’re having trouble with the application process, but it’s a necessary practice.

Why you might want to hire a Social Security disability lawyer

As with most bureaucratic organizations, the Social Security Administration has a lot of red tape that needs to be cut before you can start receiving disability benefits. Undertaking the application or appeals process is time consuming, confusing and frustrating for most people. Enter the Social Security disability attorney: they are trained and experienced in how to work with the Social Security Administration to get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

Having an attorney to help you work through this process allows you to relax while your attorney helps you fill out the application, reviews your case and communicates with the administration on your behalf. If appeals and additional hearings are necessary, you’ll have someone on your side to represent you and make sure that they present the most compelling evidence.
While you are by no means required to have a Social Security disability lawyer in Park Hills, MO, it’s a wise choice. Most laypeople find disability applications difficult to fill out and find themselves at a loss if they need to appeal a decision.

When to call a Social Security disability lawyer

The sooner you start working with an attorney, the better—preferably before you begin filling out the application. Your lawyer will review your case and explain to you how they think the administration will rule on your claim based on the evidence available. If more is needed, they can help you get the appropriate documentation and present your case in the most favorable light possible.

Social Security lawyers are bound by law to charge either a fee ($6,000, which is set by the federal government) or receive 25 percent of your back pay, whichever is less. If a lawyer works with you from the beginning, you’ll reduce your chances of having to pay a quarter of your back pay, and the job is more likely to be done correctly the first time. Of course, if you go to appeals court, you may need to pay additional fees.

Hiring an attorney to help navigate this process offers peace of mind to clients, particularly when the reason they need disability payments is distressing in the first place. If your dealings with the Social Security Administration have been less than successful, or you want it done right the first time, get in touch with Maynard & Joyce, LLC today to speak with a Social Security disability lawyer in Park Hills, MO. We’ve been serving area clients for over 20 years and look forward to discussing the particulars of your case.