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Were you injured at work? Lost wages?

The first and most important thing you need to do is consult with a worker’s compensation attorney at Maynard & Joyce, LLC. We help Park Hills, Farmington, and Potosi, MO, and surrounding area residents take the crucial next steps after a workplace accident, to ensure they are compensated for their situation. From lost wages to medical bills, to loss of ability due to bodily injury, our worker’s comp lawyers take on cases of all types and pride ourselves on getting our clients the maximum damages they are owed.

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Medical Diagnosis and Opinions

Many employers and insurance companies dictate which doctors you can see when determining the extent or severity of a workplace injury. Unfortunately, this means you may not be getting an accurate diagnosis. We can get you a second opinion from a medical professional who will take the time to assess the full scope of your injury and provide unbiased advice.

With a second opinion in hand, we challenge the findings of your employer or their insurance company, to ensure the full extent of your situation is evident in the proceedings. Whether it is bodily harm, psychological trauma, or a long-term, lasting injury, we ensure you are awarded the benefits you deserve.

Fighting for What You Are Owed

With the details of your case made clear, our worker’s comp lawyers will serve as your workers’ compensation lawyer and fight for everything you deserve. We have helped Park Hills, MO, Farmington, MO, Potosi, MO, and surrounding area workers win sizable settlements in their workers’ compensation claims, making up for lost time and wages, disability, quality of life, and more. We always pursue maximum damages, because your quality of life and your livelihood are at stake.

We Defend Workers’ Rights

Your job is your livelihood. If you are injured or cannot work due to an accident, contact the worker’s compensation attorneys at Maynard & Joyce, LLC today to discuss the details of your case with us. Our fees are on a contingency basis, which means it costs you nothing to consult with us. Do not suffer the burden of lost wages or medical bills due to a workplace injury. Contact us today at 573-431-2536 to start establishing your case. We are also estate planning and traffic law attorneys!