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If you’re applying for Social Security disability, you need a disability lawyer on your side who understands the process and can guide you through the appropriate steps. At Maynard & Joyce, LLC, our Social Security lawyers have years of experience in helping guide Park Hills and Farmington, MO individuals through the complex process. We’ll assist you in building your case and make sure applications, filings and appeals.

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Qualifications and Application

We are here to guide you through your SSDI or SSI disability case from the initial application to ALJ hearings and the appeals process. We know it is stressful when you cannot work due to being sick or in pain. You need to focus on your health and medical care while we provide you with compassionate and skilled representation. We understand the benefits you deserve are critical to your independence and livelihood. Maynard & Joyce, LLC, will answer your questions about whether you qualify for benefits and guide you through the confusing disability process.

Personalized Representation

At Maynard & Joyce, LLC in Park Hills, MO, we build strong professional and personal relationships with each Social Security Disability and SSI client. Our disability attorneys will meet with you in person at your initial appointment and throughout every step throughout your case. The attorney who assists you with the initial application will also be your passionate advocate at your disability hearing. We know the best disability representation requires truly knowing YOU and the details of your case.

Filings and Appeals

Many clients have been discouraged in the past after their claim has been denied. The system is designed to be confusing. An experienced and proven disability attorney will guide you through the Social Security Administration’s red tape. You can stress less and let us at Maynard & Joyce worry about filing dates, expert opinions, and medical evidence to support your claim. Our goal is to help you win your case and move on to live your best life with the benefits you deserve.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

Our disability lawyers fight tirelessly to help our clients get the Social Security Disability and SSI benefits they deserve. Our Social Security lawyers represent clients at all levels of disability claims, and we do not collect any attorney fees until your case is won. Contact us today at 573-431-2536. We are also child custody and personal injury attorneys.