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Whether it is retirement, succession planning, or establishing a trust to ensure your assets are handled accordingly, an estate planning attorney at Maynard & Joyce, LLC is ready to help. We work hard to ensure that our Park Hills, Farmington, MO, Potosi, MO, and surrounding area clients feel confident in their decision to plan for the future. Trust us to bring certainty to your future, so you can focus on living your best life now.

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Estate Planning

Without an estate plan, there is uncertainty in your future. How will your family inherit your assets after you pass? Who is responsible for paying taxes? What are your final wishes, and who has your power of attorney? These are all things that the estate planning attorneys at Maynard & Joyce, LLC can help you get in order so that you can have peace of mind that everything is aligned with your wishes.

Wills and Trusts

The most important part of estate planning is the establishment of a will and any trusts. A will is simply the document that outlines how you want everything handled in the event of your passing—how your estate will be distributed to your family and what will happen to your assets. Trusts are a vehicle for asset transfer, often set up to help pass assets from a decedent to family. We can help you establish trusts that facilitate your estate smoothly after you are gone.


Probate is the act of proving your last will and testament in court, to ensure it can be executed according to your wishes. Working with an experienced probate attorney ensures that your assets are handled as you intended them to be during the estate planning process. We collect assets, pay creditors and taxes, distribute assets, and do whatever else it takes to complete the probate process in a timely, transparent manner.

Plan for the Future, Today

Maynard & Joyce, LLC helps our clients plan for the future and bring certainty to the unknown. Let our probate attorneys help you establish your will and set up any trusts, to help your family expedite the probate process and ensure your assets are handled accordingly. Contact us today at 573-431-2536 to learn more about estate planning and how we can assist you. We are also traffic law and criminal defense attorneys!